TYWENT Fan Factory
ul. Orkana 1
36-020 Tyczyn POLAND


+48 17 230 66 00



For TYWENT Fan Factory the most important aspect is the people.

A team of experienced professionals with extensive experience works every day to provide the best products.

The people ensure the high quality and reliability of TYWENT products and the company makes sure that their workplace is friendly and allows them to improve their skills and gain new competencies.

Qualified and experienced employees to the recipe for the success of the company’s existence and growth.

Customer advisors have helping to solve ventilation problems for many years and clarify any doubts so that each customer is served with the best care.

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Michał Mucha
General manager
He takes care of all aspects of the company from HR and product quality to creating company strategy
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Agnieszka Szewczyk
Sales manager
She cares about the best customer service
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Łukasz Michałek
Sales representative
He knows the needs of customers
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Łukasz Dziedzic
Sales representative
He solves problems and clarifies any doubts
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Sławomir Gawron
Technical adviser
He knows each fan from the smallest component
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Gracjan Radoń
Production manager
He organizes the work of employees and knows every production process